Ad management

How long does it take an ad to get approved?

We process the 99% of the ads within two hours of posting but it may take more time on holidays/vacations.          


Is there any charges for posting an ad?

Linkifieds.com is completely free platform.


How to modify my Ad?

To manage your ad details, login to your account and click on "Edit" button or "Pencil Icon’ button given with each ad.


How to remove my Ad?

Just login to your account and click on "Delete" button given with each ad.


How to mark my listed item as sold?

Just login to your account and click on "Sold" button given with each ad.


How to mark my listed item as Reserve?

Just login to your account and click on "Reserve" button given with each ad.


Why has been my ad rejected/deleted/not approved?

This may happen due to any of these reasons:

  • If your ad has expired.
  • If your ad has duplicate and/or inappropriate content.
  • If your ad talks about illegal material and/or procedures.
  • If the email or mobile mentioned in your ad does not exist.
  • If there is a genuine complaint against your ad.


Posting an Ad


  • Make the title of the ad self explanatory
  • Upload clear product images
  • Always put your contact information
  • Provide as much information as possible
  • Provide YouTube video if possible


How do I post an ad on Linkifieds?

Posting an ad on Linkifieds is simple. Register with us and click on “Publish Listing” button on top of every page, fill in the details and add an attractive image, your ad will be posted as soon as possible.


How long does my ad remain posted on Linkifieds?

Your ad stays live for unlimited days. However, you can delete or mark your ad as “Sold” or “Reserve”. You can manage your ad by logging into the Dashboard section on the site.


How much does it cost to post an ad on Linkifieds?

Posting your ads on Linkifieds is completely free. You may post any number of unique ads on Linkifieds.


How will interested visitors contact me?

Depending upon the details you have provided while posting your ad, you can have respondents contact you directly through email, SMS or call. We publish all your details on the site except your email-id which remains hidden. This is done to safeguard your privacy. However, you can override this during registration if you want to pusblish your registered email address instead.


Responding to an Ad

How do I check the responses to my ad?

You will receive sms/email of your ad responses on your mobile/email provided at the time of ad posting. You can also check your ad page directly if someone commented on your ad.


How do I increase the responses to my ad?

You should follow the ad posting instructions carefully and should provide detailed and relevant information about your offer with image to attract the maximum and relevant responses. Alternatively, you should promote your ad to social networks by using the Linkifieds link to your ad.


How do I respond to Ad?

You can directly respond to the ad of your choice by using contact form provided for each ad. Alternately, you can call/sms/post to the advertisers depending upon the contact details provided by the advertiser. You can also use the comment form to post your query on the same page.


Spam / Abuse / Complaints

How can I complain about an ad?

Please contact us at our Contact Page with unique ad URL of that ad. You can also use our "Report item" given on every listing page. There can be three main below mentioned reasons to complain an ad:

  • Miscategorization: The ad has content that is not related to its category.
  • Spam: The ad has been duplicated or is false.
  • Abuse: The ad has content and/or images that are inappropriate and unsocial.


How can I contact Linkifieds?

You can contact us at Contact Page. We will be happy to hear from you and address your issues at the earliest.


Why is a false ad posted on my behalf and how do I complain about it?

Linkifieds is a free online classified site. A third party may have used your name and contact details to post a false ad. We deeply apologize for this and requested you to report the ad as ‘Spam’ by using our report item feature given on every listing page. You may write to us at postmaster@linkifieds.com and we will remove your ad at the earliest.


Why is my ad still featuring on search engines?

Even though Linkifieds has deleted your ad, it is likely that your ad features in google and/or other search engines. This happens due to indexation. The search engines like google have indexed your ads and thus it takes time for them to completely remove your ad from their end. We would request you to wait for at least 48 hours and then check again. The search engine systems will automatically remove your ad during that time.


General Info

How can Linkifieds.com help me reach customers for my products/services?

Linkifieds.com is an online portal helping its users to post advertisement for all kinds of products or services. Posts are available to registered and non-registered users for their review. Remember to update your contact information in case any user would like to contact for the listing. You can update your personal information by visiting "My Account" link on the top of the page. 


How can businesses benefit by placing ad on Linkifieds?

Linkifieds provides a direct URL for your profile. Businesses can update their Logo, contact information and a brief description of their activities. If you wish to register your business, click on "My Account" link on the top of the page and change the user type. On the same page, you can update all other information of your business you would like to advertise.


Is it possible to access Linkifieds.com on mobile devices?

The site is designed to be accessed on any device. Open the mobile device browser and enter linkifieds.com. We do not have a seperate mobile app but let us know on postmaster@linkifieds.com if you would like us to design a mobile app. Your feedback is important for us to improve our services.


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